Submitted by ayushweb on गुरु, 08/02/2018 - 18:09

Ayush has appointed a Nodal Officer in the Department for the redressal of the grievances lodge by public. For the fast redressal of every kind of citizen's grievances, the Haryana Government launched the portal of Haryana i.e. on 25-12-2014.

CM WINDOW:- In order to bring hassle free complaint system, Chief Minister of the state has launched an online website where you can submit your complaints with just one click.

Both the portals are technically owned and maintained by NIC.

CM WINDOW for Citizens

Single Channel:

  • CM Window is designed in such a way that the grievance is channelised into one cohesive system with a Unique Grievance Tracking Number.

Easy to use:

  • Allow registration of grievance through internet 24 x 7.
  • Provision to submit grievance in English and Hindi.

Quick Feedback:

  • Unique registration number to the citizen upon submission of the grievance to the system.
  • Any Question or documents required for redress of the grievance will be asked in one go on a time bound basis on receipt of the grievance.


  • Grievances cannot be deleted by anyone and most of the information is available openly to all concerned stakeholders.
  • Facility to submit reminder or clarification related to the grievance.

To lodge grievances to AYUSH Department, visit