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The State Medicinal Plants Board was established on 13th August, 2002 in pursuance of the guidelines of the National Medicinal Plants Board, Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, with the Hon'ble Forest Minister as its Chairman. The Nucleus Centre of the Board was set up in Van Bhawan premises of Haryana Forest Department at Panchkula.

The State Medicinal Plants Board is required to promote the medicinal plants sector in the State through implementation of Promotional Projects / Schemes, sanctioned and financed by the National Medicinal Plants Board. The Promotional projects aim at survey and inventorisation of medicinal plants, In-site conservation / cultivation of medicinal plants including setting up of Herbal Parks, Production of quality planting material in nurseries, extension activities for raising awareness through Audio Visual Aids, Seminars, Training / Workshops etc. for growers and the personnel engaged in promoting the medicinal plants sector, Study of demand and supply position and marketing of medicinal plants, Research and Development in the Sector, Value addition and semi processing of products of medicinal plants, to promote cooperative efforts among growers and collectors of medicinal plants and cultivation of medicinal plants on contract basis in the farm lands for which subsidy is provided by the National Medicinal Plants Board to the extent of 30% of the total project cost.

As per Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana, Health & AYUSH Department Notification No. 9/21/2019-6HBII, dated 29.10.2020. State Medicinal Plants Board, Haryana was shifted under AYUSH, Department, Haryana under the Administrative control of W/ Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Haryana, Health & AYUSH, Department along with staff. Now, the Nucleus Centre of the board is situated in Directorate of AYUSH, Sector-3, Panchkula, near Youth Hostel.

A Project evaluating Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Director, AYUSH, Haryana to examine the proposals received in the office of State Medicinal Plants Board, Haryana by W/Director General AYUSH-cum- Chief executive Officer on the orders of W/ Additional Chief Secretary, Govt. of Haryana, Health & AYUSH, Department. The said committee comprises of Assistant Director, AYUSH, District Ayurvedic Officer, Panchkula. The Board currently is working under guidance Dr. Pratibha Bhatia, District Ayurvedic Officer, HQ being Incharge/ Nodal Officer, State Medicinal Plants Board, Haryana.

The major activities of the State Medicinal Plant Board on private farm lands have been entrusted to Horticulture department, whereas the projects on Government Forest Lands are being implemented by Forest Department through SMPB.

Who's Who

Sr. No. Name of Officer Designation Status in Board
1. Sh. Vijai Vardhan, IAS Chief Secretary, Haryana Chairman
2. Sh. Rajeev Arora, IAS Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana, Health & AYUSH Department Administrative Secretary
3. Dr. Saket Kumar, IAS Director General AYUSH Chief Executive Officer & Member Secretary


  1. Projects implemented in State Medicinal Plant Board Haryana (Size: 404KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
  2. Central Sector Scheme for Conservation, Development and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants (Size: 863KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)