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Opening/Continuation of Homoeopathic Dispensaries

2. Establishment of specialized Therapy Centre of AYUSH in PGIMS, Rohtak.
3. Strengthening of District Ayurvedic Offices.
(i.) Establishment of District Ayurvedic Offices.
(ii.) Continuation of one post of Accupressurist in Haryana Bhawan New Delhi.
(iii.) Establishment of specialized Therapy Centre of AYUSH in Sector-9, Panchkula.

Strengthening of Ayurvedic Dispensaries/ Ayurvedic PrathmicSwasthyaKendras/ Supply of Laboratory Equipment /Furniture for ISM&H Institutions Special medicine for women, children and aged.

(i.) Opening/Continuation of 29 Ayurvedic Dispensaries.
(ii.) Improvement of existing Ayurvedic/Unani/ Homoeopathic Dispensaries–Special Medicine for Women, Children and aged (Medicine Procurement).
(iii.) Supply of Laboratory Equipment/Furniture for ISM&H Institutions (Hospital Dispensaries in districts).
(iv.) Up-Gradation of Ayurvedic dispensaries into Ayurvedic Prathmic Swasthya Kendras (Creation of post of ANM (MPHW).
(v.) Construction/Repair of building of dispensaries.
5. Strengthening of Directorate of AYUSH at Head Quarter.
(i.) Construction/Repair of Building of Directorate.
6. Continuation/Improvement of Govt. Ayurvedic College/ Pharmacy/Drug Testing Laboratory and ISM & H, Panchkula.
(i.) Improvement of Shri Krishna Govt Ayurvedic College/Hospital, Kurukshetra.
(ii.) Establishment of Govt. Ayurvedic Pharmacy.
(iii.) Setting up of State Drug Testing Laboratory.
(iv.) Construction of building of the Govt. Institute of Indian System of Medicine and Research, (IISM&R) Panchkula (Pyramidal Conference Hall, Training Hostel and Yoga & Naturopathy Center).
7. Grant-in-aid to various ISM&H institutions.
8. Health awareness through ISM-Fairs with Medical Camps.
9. IEC wing in ISM&H and Managements Information System (Information and Technology Computerization).

Opening/Setting up of New Governement Ayurvedic College/Hospital at Village Pattikara in the Name of Late Baba Kheta Nath.*Construction of Building of New Government Ayurvedic College/Hospital at Village Pattikara.

11. Headquarter staff Re-organisation of Ayurvedic Department.
12. District Staff continuance at District Ayurvedic offices.
13. Continuation of Ayurvedic Dispensaries/Prathmic Swasthya Kendra purchase of medicine and minor works.
14. Continuation of Homeopathic Dispensary.
15. Strenghening/improvement of Shri Krishna Govt. Ayurvedic College kurukshetra and ISM&R Institute,PKL